Uruguay has some unique attributes that make it an ideal destination for production services:

  • Short and agile company moves
  • Easy and fast access to shooting permits
  • Wide variety of locations in a constrained area
  • State of the art equipment
  • Varied casting
  • Cash rebate (20% - 25%)
  • 0% VAT
  • Biosecurity protocol in order
  • Live streaming from set available

In addition to this, Uruguay has opposite seasons to the Northern Hemisphere, professional and experienced bilingual crew, and unparalleled legal and institutional security for a Latin America country. All those attributes make for a peaceful and enjoyable place to shoot.

Stablished in 2008, Murdoc has a vast international experience, providing excellent quality, international-standard processes and affordable costs.

We have provided production services for companies such as: Stink (UK), Nexus (UK), Arbol (Mexico), Cortez Brothers (USA), Lovo (Belgium), Oruga (Argentina), Fight (Argentina), Hachiko (Argentina), Palermo (Argentina) and Circo (Mexico) among others.

We’re fully prepared to help you produce your project in Uruguay, with all the advantages the country has to offer.

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